Doll Bones: In Which Holly Black Makes Me (Even More) Afraid of Dolls

One of the awesome job perks to being a librarian* is that you get to go to publisher previews.

Even the title is creepy.

Well, okay, “getting” is a strong word. You don’t get greeted with invitations upon graduation. Really, you have to finagle your way in through charm and grace and knowing the right people and then manage to not muck it up or get a bad reputation among your fellow librarians as a free book-hoarder**, but once you manage that, it’s one of the best perks of the job. You get to meet nice people, drink free coffee, and get books before they’re available to the general public.

Which is how I’ve received, read, and am now reviewing Doll Bones by Holly Black three months before it hits shelves. Thank you, Simon and Schuster!***

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Korra is Totally Going to Save the World or, Why You Should Be Watching More Cartoons

So those of you paying attention may have noticed that over the weekend my domain name expired and I fell victim to SPAMMER PIRATES.* Because this weekend I had two options: a) renew my domain name OR b) go to New York Comic Con and spend too much money on stuff.

Only one of these options involves me wearing a “Coulson Lives” T-shirt. Guess which one won?

But since I am reclaiming this ship from pirates, and I ran around being a nerd till I couldn’t nerd no more, today calls for a nerdom post. Obviously. So, presenting the top cartoons that you as a grown-up should be watching. Because cartoons+money to buy beer and your own snacks while watching cartoons=the best cartoons ever.

That’s math. Can’t fight that.

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All These Things I’ve Done: Teenagers and the Future!Mob

So recently I got to go to the Macmillian Preview, and lo, it was awesome. Previews are generally pretty awesome– oh, wait, you want to give me free books for my kids and booktalk to me for like an hour and a half? Sorry, no thanks, that sounds too awesome, not my thing– but this one was exceptionally cool. The sheer tonnage of awesome I received made it hard to decide which one to read first; I’ve only got two eyes, four if I’m wearing my glasses. CURSE YOU MORTAL BODY, WHY WASN’T I BORN WITH MORE EYES?

But in the end, the decision was made for me. Because as I walked in, someone was holding up a book and saying “futuristic teenaged girl mafia don” and everything good inside of me went “THAT. GET THAT NOW. KNOCK DOWN CIVILIANS IF NECESSARY” and it was on. Which, Dear Reader, leads me to All These Things I’ve Done by Gabrielle Zevin.
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I’m Solo (I’m Han Solo)

I’m just gonna leave this here.

Dance with me, Internet. You know you want to.

Teen Tech Week, or How I Put on a Week of Programming and Didn’t Set Anything on Fire by Accident

Because, really, that’s the sign of a successful week of programming: nothing is scorched and no one’s leaving with fewer eyebrows then they came in with.


About a year ago, I was appointed to YALSA’s Teen Tech Week Committee. And there was much rejoicing. And then about three months ago, I got a new job as a technologies librarian. And there was even more rejoicing (because jobs are awesome.)

And then I realized– “Hey, my new job has started in time for Teen Tech Week. I’m on the committee. It’d be kind of a jerk move if I was pushing the rest of the community to do techie things and not doing them myself. Right? Yeah, that’d totally be a jerk move.”


And so dear reader, I made my very first attempt at programming with the Teen Tech Week: Old School Petting Zoo. Come forth after the jump and learn from my triumphs and mistakes.

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Insert Cliched Line About Goodbyes Here*

So if you have been paying attention, you’ve noticed that for the past year and a half or so I’ve been employed. (I know, I was shocked, too.) I’ve been earning my bones to make my bread as a techie/librarian/general knower of all things, in an awesome school located somewhere in the vicinity of New York City.

And it’s been, in a/my favorite word, awesome.

I’ve worked with some of the most amazing conglomerate of kids, faculty, staff, and librarians that anyone has every thought to push together in one building. I’ve tried new things, learned so much more than I’ve taught, and managed not to set anything on fire for long enough to be considered moderately competent at my job.

Go forth, young Tau'ri

After tomorrow, I’ll be leaving that building and those kids and those people– that family– to start out on the next leg of the journey. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking and bolstering all at once. But it’s also sad and painful and sorrowful in a lot of ways.

I’ve come to see the teens as “my kids,” and when I bring them up in conversation I feel pride and love for them and their accomplishments (there are so many) as well as their flaws. I’ve been so fortunate to get the chance to work with amazing people and friends, learn from some of the best in the business (word to the InfoWitch, yo) and spend time with one of the most fantastic librarian teams this side of any line you want to name (Jedi Master InfoWitch, the amazing ReadingRants, fabu MyTweendom, awesomesauce Jesse-why-don’t-you-have-a-Twitter-handle-come-on-man-look-at-the-amazing-superlative-I-just-gave-you.)

I’ve been so fortunate– so absolutely dumb-lucky to have the chance to do what I’ve been doing and do it with the people I’ve been with. Leaving is simultaneously exciting and heartbreaking (there were a lot of tissues in my office on the kids’ last day– who was cutting all those onions?) But it’s also an opportunity to take another step– to try something new and to take the knowledge and the experience and the love I’ve gathered at this place and add to it; to build on top of the foundations this school has helped me set and make something beautiful.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.*** I’m excited for this new beginning and this new chance, and grateful for the chances I’ve been given so far. At the end of the day, I think that’s really all any of us can say about pretty much anything.

That and, y’know, live long and prosper.



*Working titles for this post included but were not limited to: “Journeys end in librarians meeting,” “The Time War Ends: Everything Must Come to Dust,” and “Chevron Seven: Locked.”**

**Damn it, I totally should have gone with the Stargate reference. Oh well. Now I’m going to throw in an SG-1 picture to compensate for that missed opportunity.

***I just “Closing Time”d you. That’s like late 90’s Rickrolling.

NYCC: Now With Random Pictures from My Phone!

That’s right– random pictures from my phone. And since the Vodpod work around for embedding a Picasa slideshow is being intransigent, you have random pictures that you get the joy of clicking on and THEN enjoying!

Ignoring how the extra click makes my eye twitch in an attack of librarian/techie/let’s-consider-the-ease-of-the-end-user OCD, that’s the best kind of random pictures. With a lot of great shots of geeks in costumes, and me making debatably hilarious faces at the camera.

New York Comic Con. Hey, you never know.

(Next year *you* could be hugging Voltron. Yep. You. I thought it was a dream too, until it happened to me.)