New Thing I Hate With a Passion in NYC

By new thing I mean something people have always done and just irks me especially today. You understand.

Jerks who do this:

Yeah, that’s right Mr/Ms Imma-Lean-Up-Against-A-Pole-In-A-Crowded-Subway, I’m talking to you. That pole is for everyone. Not just you. You are not the owner of the pole. Instead of your bulging back taking up this pole, five or six people could be awkwardly crowded around it. Instead, we’re all just silently glaring at you hoping you lose your balance and smash into the guy in front of you.

There’s a Chris Rock skit my mom likes to quote where he says that the overall job of father is to keep their daughters off the pole.

Dear New York: Keep Your Citizens Off the Pole.


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